montessori activites for 4 year olds

Montessori Activities for 4 year olds are activities and ideas, games and some ways that you can entertain your kids of 4 years old.

Young babies are a very active, curious, and keen observers. Educationist says that children’s brain at early years is like observing machine. Every child has his inner urge to provoke him to move and to do something. When a child follows his inner urge and experience things then he learns from his experiences.

activities to build confidence

staking montessori activities for 4 year olds
staking montessori activities for 4 year olds
staking montessori activities for 4 year olds

If you look at pictures children seem focused which will help them to increase their concentration span.

Blind Fold Activities

Many activities are given regarding blind fold games. Blind fold games involve different skills and senses. These activities are beneficial for cognitive development of 4 years old child.

Sorting cups from most weight to least weight objects

sorting cups-montessori activities for 4 year olds

4 Different cups having different objects of different weights. They have to sort out from the most weight to the leas weight. This activity will develop decision power as well as skill of estimation. After sorting objects children put the blind off and check their work. They correct their mistakes too.

Touch and feel objects according to the texture, shapes, weight and material

touch and feel object-montessori activities for 4 year olds

Take different objects from the house. You can put them in a bag or basket. Children will put the blind fold on eyes, they will touch and feel the objects and tell about objects what does it feel according to the shape, texture, and material. It develops sense of touch.

Find objects by following Adult’s instructions

instructions-montessori activities for 4 year olds

In this blind fold activity an object is placed on a specific place and child has to follow adult’s instruction which will lead him to the object. This activity will develop listening skills and child start to follow instruction given by adults.

To Guess the taste

guess the taste-montessori activities for 4 year olds

We need eatables things and a blind fold. Before activity child will see and tell names the eatables things. Then child will use blind fold and taste eatable thing. He will tell the name of food and taste as well like sweet, sour, salty, spicy etc.

This activity will develop sense of taste as well as vocabulary will be increased as child will tell taste of foods so  vocabulary will be  increased  like sweet, salty, spicy, sour etc.

Un screw battery compartments

battery compartments-montessori activities for 4 year olds

Give different objects to children and let them unscrew the objects.$ years children love to open and close the things. They have curiosity to see inside the objects. This activity develops hand and eye co-ordination.

Re-placing batteries

replacing batteries-montessori activities for 4 year oldsGet things from around the house that can be part of easily .For example, a flash light allows them to take part, to put the batteries out and put them back together. In this way they can learn how things work as well as they will through their experiences.

DIY Re-useable paints station

reuseable paints-montessori activities for 4 year olds

We need a piece of cardboard and draw something on it. It’s better if you draw a favorite picture of your kid.

  • Girls love to put makeup on face . Draw a face so that they can apply different shades of lipsticks, blush , and eye shadow. You can draw hand so that they can apply nail paint. Once you draw a picture, put a plastic sheet on cardboard and get it fixed with scotch tape. In this way DIY paints can be re-used at a time. Paints  can be wiped away easily from the plastic sheet  and variety of colors can be used.
    For a picture which provides an opportunity for creativity.
  • For boys we can draw fire engines or any kind of transport and then they can  change their colors
  • We can draw letters or numbers on cardboard and children make their own designs inside them. This activity will create an image of letters and numbers in the mind of the kid which will make identification of letters and numbers easy for 4 year child . They will be able to write letters and numbers easily on papers. This activity will develop fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, writing skills, and artistic sense (effective use of different colors and knowledge of color combinations).

Use of Toilet Rolls

toilet rolls-montessori activities for 4 year olds

Take toilet paper rolls and tape them onto the wall and allow your child to drop different objects through them.
We can take this project a little bit further for the learning aspect. So we can use things of different weights. Before dropping these objects through rolls, child record weight of each object with the help of adult. So we need digital weight machine tool.
We can talk about which objects move faster and heavier ones later. Child will observe the speed and time while dropping the object through toilet paper.
Through this activity, children learn about heavy, light objects… They observe heavy things move slower than light objects. They can count objects. They learn how to use a weight machine and record weights.
Their critical thinking, observational skills, problem solving skills and mathematical skills are developed with this activity.

Get them involved in the kitchen

Child should be told about harmful and dangerous items and safety rules before entering the kitchen.

slicing-montessori activities for 4 year olds

  • Slicing is the best activity for a 4 year old child. If you don’t want to give them a sharp knife, then you can use a plastic knife. They can cut cheese, butter, and bananas.

pouring and measuring milk-montessori activities for 4 year olds

  • Pouring and measuring milk gives opportunities for hand and eye coordination and measuring levels of milk, water, juice etc.

cracking an egg-montessori activities for 4 year olds

  • Cracking an egg is a very interesting activity for kids. It’s a great skill that how much power you need to crack an egg.


weaving-montessori activities for 4 year olds

For this activity we need a piece of chart paper. Firstly, draw lines on it. After drawing straight lines, cut them, but the important thing is that we have to leave places from 4 sides of paper and will not cut. Give strips of paper to a child to weave. This one will develop concentration span and fine motor skills.

Threading Beads

It is a very simple and easy Montessori activity for a 4 year old child. We required a thread and different colored beads. But keep this thing in mind the size of the bead should be bigger so that the child could not swallow it. Child will thread beads and place them in a row. We can extend this activity in this way that after threading beads child should count the beads and see which child has threaded more beads. 

threading beads-montessori activities for 4 year olds
threading beads-montessori activities for 4 year olds

This Montessori activity is beneficial for a 4 year olds child because it is very helpful for effective fine motor development and hand and eye coordination. Child will learn counting too.