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Montessori Education plays a vital role in child development. Long term effects of Montessori Education on child like physical development, social development, cognitive development, and emotional development.

According to Maria Montessori a child  (aging 0 to 6 years) work like observing machines. They are very keen observer that’s why they are always curious to explore and experience new things. They observe their adults while completing their household tasks and they also want to copy them and they try to involve in households tasks like washing clothes, organizing wardrobes, cooking and cleaning house. But unfortunately being parents we are very conscious and they don’t let them explore their inner urges. SO  Montessori system provides such environment where all things are child sized. Different material  is placed according to their inner urges. They pick material from the rack and use i as long as he/she want and learn through trial and error. This is a benefit of Montessori  Education that it gives prepared environment to young children. Montessori education has a number of blessings, both for youngsters and for society as an entire. 

2.5 to 6 years of a child are very sensitive period. During these years whole personality of a child is developed. This sensitive period (0 to 6 years) is just like a foundation. If foundation is strong then we can build a durable and solid building.

In Montessori Education sensitive period is catered properly and in organized manners. Because it is observed that during sensitive period it is very easy for children to acquire certain abilities language, mental and personality modeling. Once this period passed away it is very hard for child to gain particular abilities with actual strength. It will take more time and efforts.

Montessori Education has long term effects on child’s life. It works on different aspects of personality of a child in right directions and potential. Montessori education is a child-center approach discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1900.Montessori Education has several benefits.

Become Disciplined and Organized citizens

long term effects of Montessori education is Become Disciplined and Organized citizens

Discipline that is problem in every educational institution is catered effectively in Montessori institutions. Montessori teacher believes that discipline does not have to be enforced. They believe that real freedom comes through freedom. Freedom and discipline are two sides of same coin. Montessori students are trained in such a way that they manage their individual life, their manner of speaking, handling martial, interacting with other children moving orderly in room. Students show sense of responsibility towards themselves and environment. Above all they show independence, control of errors and love of silence .They don’t need to be supervised like if facilitator or teachers are around them or not. They will work with discipline and organized manners Because disciplined are developed within children. They know that what are the requirements of the class, being a part of community what is their responsibility. So  at the early age if these skills are developed in children then it will help them in their future.

Become an Independent and responsible Person of Community

long term effects of Montessori education is Become an Independent and responsible Person of Community

Normally we see that young children want to do their work by themselves. They want to clean room, wear dress take bath, serve meal work in kitchen ,etc. They always try to do all tasks by themselves but being adults we stop them .Because we think that they can do these tasks correctly and properly and we don’t give them opportunities. In this children start to depend on adults and always hesitate to complete tasks independently. They started to believe that we cannot do this. Or if I do I’ll make a mistake.

But in Montessori Education priority id given to students independence. This is not like a typical classroom where only stationary is provided or different puzzles. This is like a mini house where all kitchen items, cleaning items, gardening items washing clothes items, lacing frames, buttons frames are given. All items are in child sized. They serve their food by themselves , they wash their stencils, using brooms and dust pans, clean the room ,dusting, lace their shoes, close their buttons, iron their clothes and hang them properly, how to grow plants, how to take care of plants how to comb hair, how to wash hands and face, how to brush teeth, how to arrange materials on their places after using things.

We can say children are owner of Montessori home. This is their home where they are like family members. They are responsible of what they do. They become an independent child.

Become Problem Solvers

long term effects of Montessori education is Problem Solver

Being a parent we try and wish that our child should get A+ grade in studies. Their children cram the books and get knowledge. But they don’t know how to utilize knowledge in practical life. If we focus on problem solving skills at early age it has long effects on their future.

So in Montessori classroom extensive problem solving opportunities are given to children like completing puzzles, arranging blocks of different sizes in sequence, Place long rods and broad stare properly.

Montessori material is manufactures in this way that if children place a wrong puzzle their picture will not complete unless they place correct piece. All materials have control of error.

With such Montessori activities students try to think on different angels and try to solve the problem. They make efforts and when they find the solution they feel sense of achievement. They never become worried of if they stuck anywhere .They don’t give up. They always try to find a solution instead of giving up .They like to accept challenges. It become their habit and will be polished with age.

Become a co-operative Citizen 

long term effects of Montessori education is a co-operative Citizen 

Values are focused in all aspects. Extensive use of courtesy words polishes whole personality of a child. Most of the time they work together. They are taught how to wait for their turn, how to share things, how to respect others, how to give values to others opinion.

Become  Creative and Critical thinker

long term effects of montessori education is Become creative and critical thinker

Cramming and copy pasting is not appreciated in Montessori education. Firstly we give concrete experiences like they can feel numbers, alphabets and objects. Real things are used so that they could realize that these are part of their life. They try to experience and create their own knowledge.

Such children who learn by doing and experiences they become creative. They start thinking critically and always ask for reasoning. They will always be in search of new things. They explore the world according to their interests independently.

Become a  Good Decision  Maker – Freedom of Choice

long term effects of Montessori education Good Decision Maker - Freedom of Choice

One of the most important benefits of Montessori education is that it permits children to study at their very own tempo. In a Montessori school room, children are free to pick which activities they need to interact in and are not restricted by using conventional notions of grade-stage or age-level appropriateness. Which means that youngsters can examine at their personal pace and aren’t held back by means of their friends or with the aid of the trainer.

Freedom of choices is given to children in Montessori education. We believe that young children have their inner urges that follow them to develop accordingly. According to their strong urge they will experience things and learning automatically.

For this purpose different types of material is placed in wooden racks. Students choose material according to their interest and enjoy learning process.

Through freedom of choices they become a good decision maker that what is beneficial for them. They can explore themselves.

Experimental Learning

Experimental Learning is long term effect of montessori education

Some other benefits and long term effects of Montessori education is that it emphasizes hands on, experiential learning. Kids in a Montessori class room are encouraged to explore their surroundings and to engage with materials in a hands-on way. This permits them to research through direct experience, which may be more powerful than learning through more traditional methods like lectures or textbooks .

Montessori education is that it emphasizes arms-on, experiential gaining knowledge of. Kids in a Montessori lecture room are endorsed to discover their environment and to interact with substances in a hands-on manner. This allows them to research via direct enjoy, which can be greater powerful than learning through greater traditional strategies like lectures or textbook studying.

Become Coordinated and Controlled Citizens

Become Coordinated and Controlled Citizens is the benefit and long term effects of montessori education

Different Montessori activities and materials are planned for physical development of students which develop hand and Eye co-ordination, their gross motor and fine motor skills. Random movements become coordinated and controlled: grasping, touching, turning, balancing, crawling, and walking

Pegging the basket

Students use their hand muscles for pegging the basket. Their hand and eye coordination is polished.

pegging the basket

Pouring Water

They pour water from jug to glasses.

pouring water is the montessori activities

Pouring Cereals

They pour cereals into cups.

Pouring Cereals

Threading beads

They thread beads of different sizes.

baby Threading beads

Squeezing water

They squeeze water in the tub.

baby Squeezing water

Walk on line

Student walk on a line. They learn balance and control.

Using knobs of puzzles: They hold knobbed puzzles and place accordingly.

Children Walk on line

One of the very important benefit and long term effect of any Montessori environment is that learning take pace according to the age of the child rather than a class or a grade. Students of 2,3 and 4 years old work together it is called mixed age group. Many researches improved that plants, animals or human life cannot exist without others. This interdependence can be more effective when  there is plenty of opportunity to give and take. Give and take is not possible if all the students of Montessori class has same need, in the same measure at the same time. When Montessori class has mixed age group then older children offer help to younger children. In this way they become better and strong individuals. On the other side younger students begin to receive help gracefully. So this interaction develop social cohesion.

Adults who are working with in Montessori class are called facilitators /directress not teacher. She arranges Montessori material according to the level of the students in racks and allows them to explore it and work with the material of their choice. She demonstrate at the same time how to use that specific material individually after taking child’s permission. In this way a directress create a healthy happy children who are flexible, normal and stable and equipped with advanced skills writing, reading, problem solving and creativity.

In short Montessori Education make a child coordinated and controlled citizens, disciplined and organized citizen, an independent and responsible person of community, problem solver, creative, critical thinker and a good decision maker. If these all factors are catered at early age during sensitive period0 to 6 years) then rest of life of will be developed on this foundation. Such individuals will be a helpful citizen of society.