montessori activities for 2 month old

Babies are getting familiar with the new world as this is the first transition from mommy’s tummy to another world. Montessori activities for 2 month old can play a vital role for your 2 month old babies. The environment and all things in it will respond to the baby’s needs. Mummy’s tummy is everything for them where they are in peace and calm zone. They are being fed, moved, sensation all things happened without any efforts.

After birth they interact with new environment which is totally different from mummy’s tummy. They need someone who caters their physical, emotional and social needs.

2 months baby is at the age of reflex actions. Most of the actions and movements are reflex actions and then they will turn into more purposeful movements as they grow.

Being a parent we should facilitate this developmental process effectively. We think that these are babies and they can’t feel anything. They are just piece of flesh and need only food. So we put all efforts on feeding them timely but we forget that they have emotional and social needs. They need your time, they want to talk with you, and they want to feel your touch.

They can’t speak but they know how to communicate. If they need something or they are not feeling comfortable they will start crying.  They can feel if someone touches them, they can understand facial expressions and give response through their movements and facial gestures. They can identify the voices of their family members. So we should cater all needs of baby.

We can do different activities with 2 months baby for making their cognitive, physical, emotional and social development healthy. Montessori activities for 2 month old are following.

Black and white visual objects – Montessori Activity for 2 Month Old

Black and white visual objects montessori activities for 2 month old

  • 2 months babies love to have a look at black and white things. Actually these are the only colors they want to see at this age so as their vision develops so they will be able to see primary colors and this will happen at the age of 3 to 6 months.
  • You can make your own cards having black and white objects. You can hang these cards with baby’s cot.
  • Baby will observe the images and movements of these cards.
  • You can place series of cards with black and white images in standing position in front of your baby and he will be engaged during tummy time.
  • Talking black and white books: We can make books at home with name “Baby Zoo”  ”Baby’s dress” or   Baby’s Family” .

For example if we are making book “Baby’s Zoo” we will draw animals in black and white color. We will show them a picture and explain it.

Don’t think that they can’t understand they are storing information in mind and will reflect all this information when they will start speaking.

This is a great fun for having a look with your baby and even just talking and explaining through images it really create a strong relationship between baby and parents.

This activity will develop their sense of sight, sense of hearing, vocabulary and a strong bonding. They get familiar with the book at the very early stage.

Use grasping  rattles – Montessori Activity for 2 Month Old

Use grasping rattles montessori activities for 2 month old

For this activity we need small grasping rattles which baby can easily hold in hands. While using rattle keep this thing in mind that the material should be smooth and secure of course!

When you are introducing the rattles to baby it really very Important to just place it in the hand of baby and see what he will do with it.

So automatically they have reflex actions to grasped rattle as they slowly move the hand they will hear the sound and they will start making the connections.

And you will see the movements will go from reflex to something more meaningful and purposeful actions. This activity will develop sense of touch, sense of hearing and muscles.

Use of crinkle sensory paper with black and white strips

Use of crinkle sensory paper with black and white strips

This is a soft paper and makes crinkly sounds when it is touched. We prefer black and white color for babies of 2 months.

Place this paper on the hand of your new born baby and see if your child makes small movement with their hands to hear the sound.

Once they make connections they will continue it for hours. The sound of paper keeps baby’s attention for hours.

This paper is washable. Baby loves to chew. They put everything in mouth. This crinkly paper is not harmful for small kids because they can’t tear it into small pieces.

The material of paper is designed in such a way that kids feel good against their gums.

This activity sharp their sense of touch, sense of hearing, sense of sight fine motor skills.

Crinkly paper toys are easily available in market.

Talking with 2 months old baby

Talking with 2 months old baby is a montessory activity for 2 month old baby

According to Montessori perspective talking with baby is one the best activity for language development. Mostly people think that its wasting of time because kids don’t understand what are adult saying.

Actually we are underestimating our babies at that time. They can feel emotions and facial expressions.

So talk with your babies anytime while changing diapers, nursing, and spending time in cuddling with them. This is the best thing you do for language development.

Montessori philosophy believes that it’s better to talk about what you are doing.

For example while changing dress talk with baby let’s change dress, raise your arms, turn your button close buttons etc.

And reasoning behind that is “Show Respect”. Some people say “Showing respect to a Baby’.

Montessori strongly believes that treat your child with respect from as early as birth.

Montessori Mobiles

Montessori Mobiles is a montessori activity for 2 month old baby

There are series of sequential mobiles which should be hanged 30cm away from baby which is usually a distance from breast to face.

Normally Munari Mobiles is used for 2 months old baby. They are in black and white

 geometrical shapes.

It attracts the attention of baby and develops visual tracking.  Baby will follow the objects as they move.

Using this activity we can enhance concentration span of baby and he will be focused. These all are the montessori activities for 2 month old.