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Montessori Activities for 18 Month Old can help your baby to grow well. Baby of 18 months old has control on his movements. He can sit and walk with focused, coordinated and controlled movements. That’s why he has to participate in all practical life tasks. He wants to do all tasks independently. This is the age when we make them realized that they can do all things.

Being an adult it’s our duty to encourage them and provide them opportunities which help them to develop their gross and fine motor skills. In this way we can make them responsible of their own tasks.

It is very important to model the activity properly and accurately. Because kids are in growing process once they learn any wrong habit at the early age it will be very difficult to change it later.

So be vigilant and active when kids are around you how you are talking with them or others in front of them, how you are handling the objects in front them they are observing you .They are just like copy cat.

So perform activities as it is as you want them to perform.

Montessori activities for 18 month old are given below.

Exercises of Practical Life

Exercise of practical life  means  those tasks which are done by adults in  day to day routine at home like cleaning the house, maintaining and arranging cupboards, washing utensils, making bed ,gardening, personal grooming like washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hairs, changing dress etc.

Wiping a Table

wiping a table  is a montessori activities for 18 month old

Make a habit of your baby that wipe table before and after meal.


dusting  is a montessori activities for 18 month old

Give them child sized duster for dusting. When you are busy in dusting involve your kid in this task. Give them verbal incentives like WOW! Your dusting superb than me.

Such kind of appreciate will boost up confidence level of your child and sense of achievement as well.


gardening is montessori activity for 18 month old

Grow plants with your child. Give water and take care plant on daily babies so that your child could observe the needs and growth of a plant.

Use Broom and Collect Trash

use broom and collect trash

Make a big circle mark on floor and guide your ward to collect all trash in circle. At the age of 18 months children love to clean floor with broom while walking. You can make this activity more challenging with age by making size of mark small for collecting trash.

Pouring Water from Pitcher to Pitcher

Pouring water from pitcher to pitcher is a montessori activity

Provide tow same child sized pitcher, tray and one towel for cleaning the area. Child will pour water from one pitcher to another. After pouring he will clean the area properly.

This activity will polish fine motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination.

Pouring Dry from One Bowl to Another Bowl

Pouring dry from one bowl to another bowl

We need two same child sized bowls. Child will transfer dry material (cereals, buttons, cotton balls, beads) from one bowl to another bowl without dropping them down. After the activity child will put all those things which fell down during activity and then activity will be completed.

This activity is also best for hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Squeezing water

Squeezing water montessori activity

For this activity child needs a child sized sponge and two bowls. Child will squeeze water from one bowl to another bowl. After activity he will wipe the area.

Through this activity child’s hands muscles will become strong.

Open and Close Baskets or Cupboards

Children at 18 months love to open the lids, cupboards and bags. Then they want make them empty. After taking all things out they will make mess. So here, its adult responsibility to model them how to arrange things back.

Sometimes child will not put all things back but you have to model. There will be a day when they will start putting all things back.

Apparently it looks simple but this activity has long term affects. This will develop love to work, sense of cleanliness and responsibility, gross and fine motor skills and respect to others.

Cognitive Activities

Those activities which make thinking process active, develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills in child at the early child are called cognitive activities.

Montessori believes that adult doesn’t need to tell or guide for selecting activities. Their string inner urges, interests will guide them and take them to the appropriate material. Adult’s responsibility to provide variety of materials for cognitive development. Child uses them according to his interest and experiences that material and learns through his experience.

Child develop cognitive skill according to montessori

0 to 6 years are very sensitive years. Whole personality of a child (physically, mentally, socially and emotionally) develops within 0 to 6 years. Child grows on the basis of this foundation. So   as much as this foundation will be strong your child physical, mental, social and emotional development will be strong.

So don’t take this period easy and keep an eye on each and every movement and development of your child.

Building Tower

building tower montessori activity

5 pieces of tower will be given to make tower. It can in different sizes for making it more challenging. This activity will enhance sense of sight, ability to discriminate sizes, hand and eye coordination.

Sorting Colors

Sorting Colors is montessori activity

You can give different colored beads, blocks, balls, pencils for sorting. They will put material in baskets according to their colors.

For example yellow objects will be in yellow basket, green objects will be in green baskets.

Puzzles Fixing

Puzzles Fixing montessori activity

Provide knobbed puzzles to young children so that they could hold pieces properly. Children will place puzzle according to its place.

Reading Books

Reading Books is montessori activity

Mostly parents think that how 18 months old child can read a book .He can when we give them exposure of words, letters and pictures. Letters are just like names of family members and other things.

When we start reading at the early stages their vocabulary, comprehension critical thinking develops and with time they express all this information effectively.

So plan reading time with 18 months old kids.

At this stage their minds work like a observing machine. They will observe only that stuff which will be the part of their environment.

So make your environment rich so that they could absorb meaningful and effective things. These all are Montessori activities for 18 month old.