what is Montessori mirror

Montessori Mirror is an important tool that follows these principles. A  Montessori mirror enables children to observe their own actions, encouraging self-awareness, concentration, and problem-solving skills. It also gives an opportunity to the children to explore their facial expressions, body language, and emotions, which help them to understand their own emotions and develop empathy towards others.

Let’s come and explore Montessori education and learn about the Montessori mirror – a simple tool that can change a lot of things. It’s not just a regular mirror; it has a special power to make learning and growing even more awesome.

What is the Montessori Mirror?

The Montessori mirror is a special type of mirror which is used in Montessori education for children’s learning and development. A regular mirror used for checking one’s appearance, the Montessori mirror is designed as a tool for self-awareness, independence, and learning.

In a Montessori environment, the Montessori mirror is placed at a child’s eye level, so child can access it easily. The mirror allows children to observe themselves as they engage in different activities.

Importance of Mirrors in Montessori Education

importance of montessori mirror

Montessori Mirror is a unique tool in Montessori education. When children observe themselves in the mirror, it helps them to know their movements, actions, and expressions. This self-awareness is a very important part of the Montessori Method because it develops concentration and mindfulness. When children observe themselves they learn how to control their movement and actions which help them to improve their coordination and concentration skills.

Moreover, mirrors give opportunities to the children to explore their facial expressions, body language, and emotions. They observe how their expressions change when they are happy, sad, or surprised. This self-exploration helps children to understand their own emotions and develop empathy towards others. By recognizing and understanding their own emotions, children can better relate to the emotions of others, which help them to enhance their social skills and emotional intelligence.

Advantages of a Montessori Mirror


Montessori Mirror develops a sense of awareness in the children. They can see their emotions, actions and facial expressions. When they engage in such activities they are able to know their abilities very well.


When children dress-up in-front of mirror it make them feel that they can wear dress themselves like buttoning, zipping and combing. Montessori mirror make students independent and don’t need of adult’s help.


They are able to correct their mistakes as well. If they have put on their shirt inside out or haven’t closed buttons in order they can see it in the mirror and make corrections accordingly. In this way we can say that Montessori mirror is helpful in developing a sense of problem solving.

Emotional development

Mostly, we find our kids making faces in front of mirror. They enjoy and explore their facial expression and understand their body language. Through this activity children become emotionally strong.


Children may develop empathy towards others when they understand their own emotions through the mirror.

Types of Montessori Mirrors

types of montessori mirror

There are different types of Montessori Mirrors and each mirror serves specific purpose to support a child’s learning and development. Here are some common types of Montessori mirrors:

Full-Length Mirror

This mirror is for self-dressing activities, children can see their whole body and they can dress up and correct their errors freely.

Hand-Held Mirror

Hand-held mirrors are portable and availed in different designs. Children use this mirror when they want a closer look at specific part of a body or object.

Table-top Mirror

Tabletop mirror is placed on a table .Children use this mirror while sitting or working at a lowers space. In this way they work in comfortable and focused learning environment.

Multi-Panel Mirror

This type of mirrors has multiple panels that have different angles and children explore their movements from different viewpoints.

Wall-Mounted Mirror

This mirror is fixed on at a child’s eye level; Children use it for self-reflection during various activities that promote self-awareness and independence.

Emotion Mirrors

These mirrors help children recognize and understand different emotions by observing their own expressions.

Flexible Mirrors

This mirror is made up of flexible materials and can be adjusted to different angles and shapes. Children learn creativity and exploration during activities.

Magnifying Mirror

This type of mirror supports activities where children want to explore something in details more closely. These activities are helpful in developing observational skills.

Safety Mirrors

Theses mirrors are made of shatterproof materials .These mirrors are safe and suitable for younger kids.

Gross Motor Skill Mirrors

These are mirrors are large in size .Children use them in physical activities and beneficial for gross motor skill development.

Montessori Mirror safety guidelines

Before introducing a Montessori mirror into your child’s learning environment, you have to ensure safety. By following these safety guidelines, you can give a secure place to your child.

Choose a shatterproof mirror

This mirror is made from acrylic or safety glass so it is safe and has less chances of any accident.

Secure the mirror

Be careful when you are mounting a mirror on a wall or placing a mirror on a table. Make sure it is fixed or attached properly otherwise it may fall and it can be a cause of harm.

Position the mirror at an appropriate height

You should fix the mirror according to age, height of the children. It should be placed at the eye level of the child.

Regularly inspect the mirror

If you see a crack or pointed edge on the mirror, replace it with wasting a time. In this way you can minimize the danger.

By following these safety guidelines, you can create a secure space for your child to explore and learn with the Montessori mirror.

Where to buy Montessori Mirrors

where to buy montessori mirror

After understanding the importance of a Montessori mirror, you may be thinking where to purchase Montessori Mirror. Here are some options to consider:

Montessori suppliers

You can buy Montessori mirrors from the famous suppliers. Before purchasing you must visit the whole market so you should know the price rate and quality of material.

Online marketplaces

There are many online shops from where you can buy these mirrors easily. A famous online market is Amazon. Before purchasing it, you must read reviews from other customers and check the seller’s reputation to ensure quality and authenticity.

DIY options

If you want to make mirrors on yourself then many tutorials and guidelines available online that gives step-by-step instructions using materials such as acrylic sheets, wooden frames, and non-toxic paints.


Using a Montessori mirror into your child’s learning space can impact on their development. This tool promotes self-awareness, concentration, and problem-solving skills and in this way you make your child an independent learner.

Always choose shatterproof mirror for younger kids and place it according to the child age and height. It will be beneficial if you place mirror at the eye level of the child. Keep monitoring mirrors on daily basis. If you see any crack or pointed edge, replace that mirror there and then so that you can give secure learning environment to the children.

Montessori mirror makes learning interesting and joyful. Children become creative and independent when they engage in the activities of Montessori mirror. It develops self-discovery, confidence and critical thinking in children.