montessori pink tower
Montessori Pink Tower

Montessori Pink Tower is very important and famous material in Montessori Education. It gives a welcoming sign in Montessori environment. This is part of ‘Sensory Development”.


 It has 10 wooden cubes in pink color and it has 3 dimensions. It has a wooden stand where all cubes are places in a tower shape.

Age Group:

3 to 4 years




Purpose of Montessori Pink Tower

Pink Tower is used to develop hand and eye coordination as well as discriminating difference in dimensions.

How to Bring ‘Pink Tower to Mat

There is a specific way to carry Pink Tower to a mat. Firstly, a child unrolls a mat. .A facilitator will bring a child to Pink Tower stand and tell him: This is a “Pink Tower”. She will show how to carry a top cub( smallest cube to the biggest cube) by gripping from above the top edge using right thumb and index finger. A child will carry one cube at a time. Once a child picks up a cube he will place it on left hand flat under the cube and carry the cube at the waist level.

How to Build “Pink Tower’

how to build montessori pink tower

Once a child brings all pieces of Pink tower to a mat then facilitator will show how to build a pink tower. While giving presentation keep one thing in mind that firstly you speak and then act. In this way child will pay his full attention on demonstration not on listening instruction.

Firstly she will choose a biggest cube with child’s participation and place it aside. Then she will choose another biggest one with child consent and place it on the fist cube. Then next biggest, and next biggest and she will complete the tower. One more important point which should be kept in mind while presentation is that facilitator should hold cube slowly and move it towards tower slowly so that a child should observe the whole process properly and easily.

Next Steps after Building Pink Tower

When you built a pink tower ask your child to stand up and join feet. Look at the pink tower from above and from each of the four sides. Point out to the child that how perfectly in the middle each cube is in one of another.

How to Dismantle “Pink Tower’

How to Dismantle Pink Tower

Facilitator will sit quietly and start putting smallest cube on the mat first and then all pieces quietly and slowly. She will place all cubes on distances so that all cubes should be placed easily and child could see difference in sizes.Now child will build a pink tower.

Control of error

Pink tower is designed in such a way that a child can identify his own mistake. All cubes are in different sizes so “Tower” would not be build correctly until a child place all cubes according to its sizes. That why facilitator asks a child to stand and look at all four sides of tower so that a child could know how perfectly all cubes are placed in middle of each cube

Different Patterns of “Pink Tower”

Children can make different patterns and designs with pink cubes. Facilitator can give flashcards of pink cubes and a child will observe the size and place pink wooden cube according on flashcard.

Pink Tower with Broad Stairs

Wooden 10 pink cubes of pink tower is used with brown broad stairs. Children make different designs disseminating its sizes.